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About Us


A team of determined people coming together for bringing a social change in Society. We never believe that changes are made by government policies or decisions only. A change comes only when all people stand together at one to bring the change.

Public Kalyan Vikas Samiti works towards underprivileged children, women and social work for bringing change in life. That’s all Public Kalyan Vikas Samiti!!!

A Change is inevitable at every moment of life. And Public Kalyan Vikas Samiti is determined towards same change


Engage in high practice of fueling lives to underprivileged children,women people with life cycle development approach.
Bringing a proactive change in society by continuously engaging in adaptive standards of society.
Adopting highest standards of approach pertaining to technology for giving best suited adaptive changes of life.


Public Kalyan Vikas Samiti is focused on its mission to bring change in life of every underprivileged child, woman and old woman through education, innovative healthcare and bringing up innovative market focused social initiatives. A initiative to Connect India drive involving every individual to bring a change drive.

“Bringing a social change depicts to involve every individual as no change can come without the involvement of each.”