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One important characteristic of Public Kalyan Vikas Samiti work is that, in the “pure” sense, they provide services based solely upon need, without political, ethnic, religious or other considerations. Thus, strictly speaking, religious missionary organizations that perform services as part of a proselytizing or evangelical campaign should be separated from the Public Kalyan Vikas Samiti category and simply be referred to as religious missionary organizations. Some religious relief organizations do provide services more as a duty or “charity”, however, without requirements for the recipients to attend any preaching, prayer or other religious preconditions.

Health, also called geographic medicine or global health, is a field of health care, usually with a public health emphasis, dealing with health across regional or national boundaries. Health, however, more often refers to health personnel or organizations from one area or nation providing direct health care, or health sector development, in another area or nation. It is this sense of the term that is explained here. More recently,public health experts have become interested in global processes that impact on human health.