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Does Public Kalyan Vikas Samiti receive government funding?

As an NGO (non-government organisation), we do not receive any direct government funding allowing us to remain independent, making unbiased evaluations of government policies and programmes.

How does Public Kalyan Vikas Samiti choose the projects it supports?

Our selection process is based on the values of trust, transparency, partnership and accountability.
Public Kalyan Vikas Samiti’s Development Support division works closely with partners to understand their needs, ensure resources are optimally used through regular budgeting and reporting systems aided by Account Aid, a firm of chartered accountants specialising in this sector.

What is the role of Public Kalyan Vikas Samiti in ensuring Child Rights?

At Public Kalyan Vikas Samiti, we believe that sustainable change for children is possible only when we address the root causes – such as non-functioning schools, child labour, unemployed parents, non-availability of healthcare centers etc – that keep children away from their rights and vulnerable.

Why does Public Kalyan Vikas Samiti not give the names of children to donors?

We believe that the work we do restores to children what is rightfully theirs. Beneficiaries must not be made to feel obliged for the support they receive. Hence, rather than supporting individual children, we pool the resources we raise and disburse them to the programmes we support. Every attempt is made to ensure that there is no differentiation between children.

Volunteer Opportunity

Become a Online Supporter

Hectic work often does not allow to participate in activities we tend to do from our heart. Here can take out some time and be a part of our mission with simple steps

  • Forward the mailers to your friends and help us spread the word across.
  • Promote Public Kalyan Vikas Samiti on social network and ask your friends to follow us.
  • Promoting Public Kalyan Vikas Samiti in online communities.

Online Fundraising Volunteer

“An encouragement is enough to change life of people. “

Register yourself as online fund raising volunteer and be a part of Public Kalyan Vikas Samiti mission. The funds will directly go to our program…

Social Media

Surely only some people are left who are not connected with Social Media. We sometimes think to do for a noble cause but unable to do so. Here a chance by becoming a Social Media Volunteer

  • Follow us on Facebook and regularly like our post and share with your friends.
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  • Be a part in any of the activities and be part of the mission


We encourage companies and individuals with partner with us, so that together we can fight issues of illiteracy among children, deprived women, in India. There are many opportunities that individuals and businesses could explore with us and partner with us for.

If interested kindly write to us at info@publickalyan.org

Fund Raising Initiatives

Funding raising is an aspect of engaging people for common noble initiative. This creates awareness and helps you understand that you are part of community and this position holds responsibility. An inner strength is grown by helping people in need. With this effort an appreciation arrives and learns the ability to help others.

When we take such an initiative of helping young children they understand they are being cared and people are there to think about them. Fund raising not only building you stronger but also contributes to your understanding of responsibility. This is turn make you a role model to many socially responsible citizen.

You can fund raise with us by being a responsible citizen

  • Conducting cultural fund raising program in society
  • Newspaper drive
  • Small contribution by each at school, college or place of work
  • Events
  • Making individuals socially feel responsible for people in need